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067 Feb 25, 2024 Refreshed the Tysons Weather page Tysons and Local Area Weather Updated
066 Jan 14, 2022 Added Live Cameras for Virtual Railfan Ashland, VA and Minnesota Safety Command Center Other Traffic Cameras Updated
065 Dec 31, 2021 Added Live Cameras for Times Square NYC (Earthcam) and Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Two Famous Vacation Spots) Other Traffic Cameras Updated
064 Nov 07, 2021 Updated a few links relating to Tysons Annual Reports for 2020/2021 Tysons Comp. Plan and Tysons Annual Reports Updated
063 Dec 24, 2020 Updated various broken links to photo images hosted on a 3rd party website that changed their application server links. (Various pages) Updated
062 Dec 19, 2020 Updated various broken links, files, and other info on eStore Downloads Page. Estore Downloads Updated
061 Dec 16, 2020 Updated Home Page Buildings Database Stats Tysons Home Updated
060 Dec 16, 2020 Updated Buildings DB Page & Estore Downloads Page Paypal buttons and pricing of Tysons Database excel doc. Tysons Buildings DB Updated
059 Dec 16, 2020 Corrected broken external weather links on the Tysons & Local Weather Page Tysons & Local Weather Updated
058 Dec 12, 2020 Updated Tysons Buildings DB excel doc with five new construction projects In progress or Completed Tysons Buildings DB Updated
057 Apr 01, 2020 Some minor updates to Tysons Buildings DB excel doc available for free preview or download for a small charge (Paypal) Tysons Buildings DB Updated
056 Nov 25, 2019 Updated Tysons Traffic & Cameras Pages due to feed changes from external providers Weatherbug/TrafficLand that effected video feeds.  VDOT Source Camera Feeds are now Real-Time. Tysons Traffic Cameras Updated
055 Oct 24, 2019 Updated Tysons Skyline Building Top Ten Tallest Diagrams for "Proposed" by Height & Floors. Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams. Updated
054 May 30, 2019 Updated Tysons Videos Page with a new Section for Africa related commercial construction / high-rise videos. Tysons Videos Updated
053 May 08, 2019 Added a Google Earth Historical Timelapse focused in on Tysons area. Tysons and History Added
052 May 07, 2019 Added numerous more Tysons building & driveby Videos of a recent visit in Late April, 2019. Tysons Videos Added
051 Apr 27, 2019 Updated Buildings & Construction Glossary Page with more industry related terms. Buildings & Construction Glossary Updated
050 Apr 26, 2019 Updated Tysons Area Restaurants Map and Database.  We now have entered over 100 food related establishments on this page. Tysons Area Restaurants Map and Database Updated
049 Apr 25, 2019 Updated Tysons Capital Bikeshare page with updated stations and incorporated official website into the page. Tysons Capital Bikeshare Updated
048 Apr 19, 2019 Updated all Photo Gallery Slideshows at top of certain pages due to broken hyperlinks to third party hosted website. (Various Pages) Updated
047 Apr 15, 2019 Updated many of the Skyline Building Top Ten Diagrams.  Updated Tysons Buildings DB. Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building DiagramsTysons Buildings DB Updated
046 Oct 30, 2018 Since Google Live Traffic requires APIKEY we are no longer showing Google Maps.  We have converted to WAZE Live Maps. Tysons Traffic Cameras Updated
045 Nov 23, 2017 Added Tysons related Audio Podcasts to Tysons Podcast and Streaming Audio Page. Tysons Podcast & Other Audio Added
044 Nov 04, 2017 Added a Videos Page 5 for Other Videos relating to commercial construction and high-rise buildings Tysons Videos Added
043 Sep 27, 2017 Converted Tysons Buildings older Satellite Image primary photos from Bing Birds Eye to improved Google Maps Satellite 3D imagery Tysons Buildings Photo & Slideshow Imagery Updated
042 Sep 26, 2017 Created a Twitter Page for TysonsCity and embedded the page into TysonsCity.net Home Page. TysonsCity Home Added
041 Aug 22, 2017 Created a Facebook Page for TysonsCity and embedded the page into TysonsCity.net Home Page. TysonsCity Home Added
040 July 15, 2017 Updated the Tysons and it's History Page. Tysons and it's History Updated
039 Jun 01, 2017 Enhanced the “Development & Happenings" Pages. (Various Pages) Updated
038 May 24, 2017 Added more Diagrams on the Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams Page.  Added "Tysons Top Ten Proposed Buildings Diagrams". Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams Added
037 Apr 27, 2017 Added to Tysons "Tysons Traffic Alerts & Feeds" page the Virginia Railway Express & Dr. Gridlock Twitter Feeds. Tysons Traffic & Alerts Updated
036 Mar 19, 2017 Added a "Restaurants Map & Links Page" which maps and lists in a database most Tysons restaurants. Restaurants Map & Links Added
035 Mar 17, 2017 Added a Commercial Building Resources & Terms Page. Building Resources & Terms Added
034 Mar 11, 2017 Updated "Tysons and Local Area Weather Page" including addition of two well known local area weather blogs (via Twitter). Tysons and Local Area Weather Updated
033 Feb 25, 2017 Added a consolidated "Tysons Traffic Alerts & Feeds Page" for convenience of monitoring latest Tysons area traffic and metro alerts/feeds. Tysons Traffic & Alerts Added
032 Feb 01, 2017 Added more "Other Traffic Cameras" and Added Widescreen Monitor Page but with smaller camera windows to fit even more on one screen. Tysons Traffic & Cameras Added
031 Jan 23, 2017 Updated Tysons Buildings DB with Dominion Square Project, 1575 & 1620 Anderson Rd new Apartments, and Tysons Central. Tysons Buildings & Developments Database Updated
030 Jan 21, 2017 Made minor corrections to various site links, spellings, and formatting such as the home page footer logos & google traffic maps, search page. (Multiple Pages) Updated
029 Jan 19, 2017 Reworked / Tweaked Tysons Traffic pages.  Also continued rollout of standardized CSS code across the website. (Multiple Pages) Updated
028 Jan 13, 2017 Reworked / Expanded Tysons Videos pages.  Also rolling out some standardized CSS code across the website. (Multiple Pages) Updated
027 Dec 30, 2016 Expanded / Added more Content to the Various Industry Blog Feed Pages. (Multiple Pages) Updated
026 Dec 29, 2016 Split Tysons Videos Page into more Pages to allow faster browser loading as well as for adding future Tysons Videos. Tysons Videos Updated
025 Dec 26, 2016 Expanded / Reorganized Tysons Traffic & Camera's Page with more Tysons Area Cams and Traffic News and Blogs Pages. Tysons Traffic & Cameras Updated
024 Dec 15, 2016 Added new page called "Tysons Metro Rail" featuring photos and info about the Tysons Section of WMATA Metro Rail System. Tysons Metro Rail Added
023 Dec 08, 2016 Updated more info on the Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams Page.  Added a "DC Region Top Ten".  Still more work to be done. Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams Updated
022 Nov 27, 2016 Overhauled Development Related Blog (RSS) Pages to "feedwind" Layouts (Office, Residential, Hotel, Retail, Industrial, & Healthcare). (Multiple Pages) Updated
021 Nov 25, 2016 Added a image letter "T" icon (.ico file type) as "Favicon" for Browser Tabs. (All Pages) Added
020 Nov 15, 2016 Added new page called "eStore / Downloads" for Online Store of Downloads for Free or Purchase. Estore Downloads Added
019 Nov 01, 2016 Added new page called "Tysons Capital Bikeshare Info & Links". Capital Bikeshare Added
018 Oct 27, 2016 Updated / Revamped "Tysons and Local Weather" Page. Tysons and Local Weather Updated
017 Oct 22, 2016 Added content tables for various "...Development & Happenings" Pages. (Multiple Pages) Added
016 Oct 21, 2016 Added new page called “Tysons Annual Reports & Stats”. Tysons Annual Reports & Stats Added
015 Sep 14, 2016 Added Tysons Food Truck Scene Page. Tysons Food Truck Added
014 Sep 03, 2016 Added Google Custom Search Page and Home page Search Icon Link. Tysons Home & Search this Website Added
013 Aug 01, 2016 Added some more Videos relating to Tysons & Metro Silver Line Trains. Tysons Videos Added
012 Jul 31, 2016 Updated / Completed Tysons Central 7 District Buildings into Tysons Database. Tysons Buildings & Developments Database Updated
011 Jul 24, 2016 Added (Embeded) Twitter Feed of the Popular “inTysons” Twitter Feed. Tysons Home Added
010 Jul 24, 2016 Tysons Related Top Weblinks Page (Favorites). Tysons Related Weblinks Added
009 Jul 20, 2016 Corrected typo in Site Email Address (Apologies if emails not responded). (Internal Code) Corrected
008 Jul 17, 2016 Added some more Videos relating to Tysons. Tysons Videos Added
007 Jul 09, 2016 Updated various Google Building Maps under Custom Maps Pages. (Multiple Pages) Updated
006 Jun 27, 2016 Added to Home Page our Favorite Charity “water.org” info. Tysons Home New
005 May 30, 2016 Updated various page headings with subheading page descriptions. (Multiple Pages) Updated
004 May 28, 2016 Added more buildings to the Tysons Skyline Diagrams Page. Tysons Skyline, Aerials, & Building Diagrams Updated
003 May 27, 2016 Corrected some building photo links within the Tysons Database. Tysons Buildings & Developments Database Corrected
002 May 27, 2016 Created the What’s New Page / Release Notes in May of 2016. Whats New Added
001 Nov 10, 2015 Initial TysonsCity Website was created & launched by Steve (Soccer-22) Lenah, VA U.S.A. (Multiple Pages) All
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