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(This page features helpful info or tips for using the TysonsCity Website)
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About Device Support Currently this website is optimized for best browsing experience on larger desktop monitors and many features have mouse support for easy navigation and viewing. 
Below is the order of best device to worst device for this website:
Desktop: Best
Tablet: Better
Android: Good
Apple: Fair
Website Links / Hyperlinks All Hyperlinks on this site conform to the same color scheme as follows:
Link: Blue
Visited: Magenta
Hover (Mouse): Lime
Active: Yellow
Website Page Unreadable or
Layout Issues
If you are having issues displaying pages of this website, the first thing you should try is refreshing your browser page.  This tens to load the latest page directly from our website and not what is in your local cache.
If you still feel the page is not correctly displaying or info seems out of date then the next step would be for you to "Clear History" or "Clear Cache".  If your not sure how refrer to your broswers help support.
If after trying these measure the page still is not displaying or seems our of date then it is possible we loaded some bad code for that page and need to be correct by us.  Feel free to report any issues to us.
TysonsCity Online eStore /
Downloads Area
We have an Online eStore & Downloads Page which offers various Documents and Media either for Purchase or Free Download.  The purchase items use PayPal Code Buttons to facilitate payments using their normal secure payment methods.  Of the available purchase items if you want to buy one item the use "Buy Now" button.  If you wish to purchase multiple items then use the "Add Items" buttons to add to your Shopping Cart then goto the "View Cart" button located at the top of the page to Checkout and Pay for your item(s).
We are typically not able to offer Refunds of Purchased Items and here is why:
We apologize but due to the nature of the items being purchased and downloaded (intellectual property) and being in your possession forever once downloaded, we typically cant offer any refunds but you may contact us directly to discuss your situation and exceptions to our policy may apply.