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 Tysons Metro Rail System

(This page features information about Tysons Portion of the Metro Rail System)

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Hello and Welcome to the Tysons Metro Rail Page.
On this page we feature various info relating to the Tysons portion of the Washington Metropolitan Metro Rail System.  The rail line that runs through Tysons on it's way to Wheile Avenue Reston and ultimately out to Dulles Airport in 2019 (Phase II under construction) is known as the "Silver Line" of the Metro Rail system.    

The new extension of the Washington Metro Rail System called the Silver Line was decades in the making, planned to go from the central core of Washington D.C. all the way out to Dulles Airport and a little beyond into Loudoun County, a distance of about 23 miles.  In July of 2014 a Phase I opened out to Reston Virginia with five stations along the route, four of which are in Tysons (McLean, Tysons, Greensboro, Spring Hill, and Wheile-Reston East).  There is a nice history timeline summary of the overall project on the website along with lots of other info about this rail project. The Silver Line has it's own official website called

The Tysons portion of the Metro Silver Line consists of four stations.  Mclean Station is the most easterly while Tysons Corner Station is between the two regional shopping malls then Greensboro Station is roughly the most centrally location station and finally there is Spring Hill Station being the most westerly before the rail line turns westward again onto the Dulles Toll road out towards Reston and beyond.

McLean Station Logo The Tysons McLean Metro Station is the most Easterly station and first stop when coming from Washington D.C McLean Station Details
Tysons Corner Station Logo The Tysons "Tysons Corner" Metro Station is located right in-between the two large regional malls making for easy access to the shopping areas as well as new high-rise office (Tysons Tower), residential (Vita Tower), and hotel (Hyatt Regency). Tysons Corner Station Details
Greensboro Station Logo The Tysons Greensboro Metro Station is probably considered the most centrall location of the four stations being mixed in the heart of office buildings and next to the intersection of Routes 7 and 123.  Greensboro Station Details
Greensboro Station Logo The Tysons Spring Hill Metro Station is the most Westerly station and last stop in Tysons when heading further west out towards Reston and beyond.  This station is located near some of the newest residential high-rise apartments (Ascent and Adaire) as well as being near the Sheraton Hotel. Spring Hill Station Details

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